Pandemic Parenting: Metaverse Showcase

In 2022, I am a research fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, based at Deakin University. My role on the Pandemic Parenting project is to provide new insights into the use of digital and designerly technologies for data-driven creative research outputs. This includes building a Mozilla Hub for the Pandemic Parenting study with the purpose of collating / curating / creating / communicating / preserving a selection of audio and visual data generated through interviews across the globe for the Connected Learning Summit Showcase 27-29 July, 2022.
This showcase focuses on a transglobal research project with partners in seven countries investigating families’ experiences of screen media use during the COVID-19 pandemic. The showcase provides participants with an immersive experience in the form of a virtual space (e.g., Mozilla Hub) with visuals, audio recordings and texts. The virtual space presents carefully curated data that draws out the epistemological issues connected with interview methods including what gets lost in transcriptions, interstitial moments during interviews, layers of affective moments that are present in interviews, and affordances of visual and audio data. The showcase will also illuminate dimensions of home media practices during the pandemic.

The new digital artefacts that will be created (e.g., the Mozilla Hub exhibition space and showcase video) will be disseminated alongside other forms of scholarly outputs such as the planned Pandemic Parenting book. These will also be made available to the Digital Child Centre of Excellence for publication on the website and/or future showcasing of research.