Welcome to our Metaverse: New Directions in Sustainability

The arts provide education possibilities to transform personal, social and cultural dimensions. It is essential we interrogate the positive outcomes of arts rich experiences as we strive to create a more sustainable way of living amidst a growing recognition of systemic inequities and the need for change.

Conference presentation Placemaking and digital data sites for a sustainable arts education(s) for Creative Convergence 2021, The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning.

Chief Investigators:

A/Prof Mark SelkrigDr Kathryn Coleman, and Dr Emily Wilson

“Metaverse Map Base Image,” An Arts Education imperative: New directions for sustainability, accessed December 7, 2021, https://omeka.cloud.unimelb.edu.au/arts-education-imperatives/items/show/9.

The Metaverse Map is an interactive visual cartography of the key exhibition and repository platforms that constitute the research metaverse for An Arts Education imperative: New directions for sustainability (2021). Using the map as a wayfinding instrument, audiences can direct themselves across the research network and refer back to it for guidance.

Jessica Laraine Williams, Dr Kathryn Coleman, Amanda Belton, and Neda Sajadi. Metaverse Galleries Walkthrough (2022), from the ‘An Arts Education imperative: New directions for sustainability’ project. Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. First shown at ‘Small Data is Beautiful: Analytics, Art and Narrative’ symposium, February 2022.

As artist in residence, my key contribution to the project was the collaborative curation and design of interactive, 3D virtual spaces hosted on Mozillla Hubs.The Enculturation Lobby houses a portal to the Indoor Gallery alongside a video introduction to the project and other research ephemera.

The Indoor Gallery displays image quilts comprised of core samples taken from project contributor’s video research time capsules. These images then link back to the wider project metaverse as interactive elements. Users may access this platform via their web browser and are represented by an avatar once inside the Hubs room. A quick primer on how to navigate in the Hubs space here; an overview of user features available in Hubs here.