Mailing list (2014)

This collaborative work by Jessica Williams and Michael Whittingham concerns an extension of the self-reflexive conceptual project in the contemporary field of saturated viewing, event spectacle, and social networking. It also hopes to instrumentalize the notion of ‘freeware’, a globalized phenomenon of market evasion common to digital platforms and the Internet.

An exhibition or display scenario is organized, accompanied by an event that enables a social gathering of viewers. There is no specific form that this must take.

At the event, attendees will encounter a mailing list, as is usual at many contemporary exhibition spaces. The form of this is restricted to email and name, and attendees are able to put their details on this list. No other material or ideological encounter is present to accompany the mailing list specifically, although it may be situated amongst other works (ie. a group show setting).

Within 7 days of the event conclusion, these instructions (Part Two) for recreating the work is emailed to those attendees detailed on the mailing list. These recipients may re-enact, transmit, modify or ignore the work. Upon re-enactment, they should consider adding their name to the authorship list. With each enactment, the number of participant-authors is increased. As is usual within the frameworks of a‘freeware’ system, the parameters of ‘Mailing List’ may be adjusted somewhat by contributors; the title and integral function of the work should remain fundamentally intact.