the hypersition

  The Hypersition |2015| online browser based ergodic cybertext, archived   DOWNLOAD ACCOMPANYING TEXT INCL. HIGH RES MAP: JWilliams The Hypersition      


systems aesthetics

DOWNLOAD PDF BOOKLET: system aesthetics   In my final semester of undergraduate Fine Art studies, I embarked on an interrogation of the Institution-At-Large, extending my visual practice to generate a series of new works. In the synthesis of these aims, I  deviated from the typically measured strategy of my past projects in favour of rapid, experimental gestures.  Rather than pursuing … Continue reading systems aesthetics

mailing list

mailing list (2014) Jessica Williams and Michael Whittingham This work concerns an extension of the self-reflexive conceptual project in the contemporary field of saturated viewing, event spectacle, and social networking. It also hopes to instrumentalize the notion of ‘freeware’, a globalized phenomenon of market evasion common to digital platforms and the Internet. An exhibition or display … Continue reading mailing list