Reshaping Spectatorship, Clearing the Cloud: Theory, Meet Artist

This article was first published on on 15/11/16.  The productive alliance between instruments of computing techne and artistic endeavour is certainly not new. This turbulent relationship is generally charted across an accelerating process outwards, gathering traction from a sparse emergence in the 1960s.[1] Along the way, the union of art and technology has absorbed a … Continue reading Reshaping Spectatorship, Clearing the Cloud: Theory, Meet Artist


regarding edgeness

"It is the garrulous seeking of such Edgeness that stirs me to the borders known. Out along the crags and nodes of the unfurling web and its discourse, sticky with footprints and then sylph-like, turning quick to the vapours of obsolescence. It had started when I was smaller again, before those churlish illustrations in the Bible. Smooth beige and grey plastics render in the touch of formative years, the thin hum of a CRT monitor announcing a periscope up, and away! To Edgeness, and it was veritably everywhere..."

Kings Emerging Writer 2015: September

One should always consider a pragmatic approach for erasure, nullification, obliteration, dissolution, and other variants in the desire for an unmaking. Without a stratagem, is it feasible to enact a proper dissemblance? Where would we lay down our incisions- we, unmaker and made, receiver and didact, a reader to a text? Is this a collusive dance of equal standing? I know explicitly what I’m hoping for, but beyond that, we must defer to the constellated authorities of instruction.

Kings Emerging Writer 2015: July

Are you ready to get the first look? The culmination of aggregated decades in artistic expertise and training, this show is as stylish as they come. On the outside, you’ll find her deceptively compact and modular, unobtrusively situated on one of Melbourne’s covetable street corners. Inside, she is nothing short of a revelation.

the dream table

“Disclosure and analysis require human transaction, the transfer of feelings, thoughts, and information from one to another. Reciprocity generates trust and sympathy. This is particularly appropriate when we are concerned with disclosure of the inner self, as in art. The table-top enables us to float out our intangible dreams and intimations on a secure and substantial surface.” – p 172, “Table”, Roy Ascott, 1975.

If this exhibition were a text/ review

Taking my place among approximately forty other attendees clustered around the SLOPES back entrance, I rapidly realized that my understanding of If this exhibition was a text was already condemned to incompletion. Configured as an ongoing stream of multimodal correspondence between international collaborators, the exhibition operated as a kind of generative dialogue.