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This site serves as a folio for Jess’ creative, written and research engagements. It also provides a blog platform for the informal ephemera that arise alongside these praxis. On Logos:  λόγος

Jessica Laraine Williams is a transdisciplinary researcher, visual artist, writer and part time PhD candidate at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne. In 2020, she is undertaking an academic associate/sessional tutor role with the Faculty, teaching (online!) within Critical and Theoretical Studies. Jess has been working for a decade in her physiotherapist profession, including hospital, rehabilitation and management roles. She now specialises in aged care physiotherapy part time. Jess is undertaking her doctoral research into methodologies of posthumanism in art. This includes collaborations with researchers across and beyond her home faculty and institution. Her broader creative work relates to interests in performative identity, relational cartography (systems) and institutional critique.

Jess holds first class Honours degrees in both the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Monash University) and the Bachelor of Fine Art (The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne). She has written for art publications both academic and popular, such as the Conversation and Art+Australia. Jess accepts commissions for art writing on solo and group projects, including reviews and speculative texts. She has a special interest in speaking engagements and modes of transdisciplinary communication.

Contact Jess for more details around her research engagements, practice portfolio, and to discuss commissioned writing.

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Portfolio Highlights

Key creative & scholarly engagements


Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne: Academic Assistantship Program award, Sessional Tutor in Critical and Theoretical Studies$13,576 AUD. Teaching specialised modules on critical posthumanism in art for subjects Critical and Theoretical Studies 6/ Perspectives in Art and Cultural Theory; Critical and Theoretical Studies 2 (Modernity in Art and Culture).

Forthcoming group exhibition: Williams, J.L. ‘White, Passing,’ in On Kindness and Care, Centre for Visual Art (CoVA)/Assembly Point, curated by Vikki McInnes, July 2020, Melbourne, Australia.  

Group exhibition: Williams, J.L. ‘Speculation on a Nullified performance,’ in Dark Night July 2020, Dog Rocks Screenings- Creative Occupation Group, curated by Marita Batna, July 2020, Batesford, Australia. https://www.creativeoccupation.com.au/s/NewsLetter-Island-Issue3-Covid-era.pdf 


Ongoing research collaboration on a transdisciplinary project (2017-2020), Virtual Nature: Inner Forest. Accepted abstracts: Design4Health conference, 2017; Transdisciplinary Imaging conference, 2018. Peer reviewed conference proceedings (extended abstract) and artwork demonstration via livestream, published online in Spatialised Audio and Performance session. Australasian Computer Music Conference, 3-10 July 2020, https://acmc2020.com/poster_103.html. Awarded Creativity and Wellbeing Hallmark Research Initiative (CAWRI) PhD Top-up Grant in July 2020 towards completion of virtual nature AR artwork- $720 AUD.


Performer and artistic contributor, In the shadow, I see myself: an improvised performance of Laine Hogarty’s Defence Mechanisms – Projection. In collaboration with Creative Occupation Group 2019, PART II – ROAMING. The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong Waterfront, Australia. 10-31 January 2019. https://www.creativeoccupation.com.au/

Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne: Academic Assistantship Program award (Breadth Studies)- $13,581 AUD


Conference paper presented, art-science collaborative project at ‘Quite Frankly: It’s a Monster Conference’, SymbioticA, Perth, October 2018.

Introductory speaker for film screening of ‘Ex Machina’, part of National Science Week, hosted by Science Gallery Melbourne. August 2018. https://melbourne.sciencegallery.com/sci-film-ex-machina

Invited panel speaker with Art+Australia collaborators at NGV International, speaking about ‘The Plague’ journal issue. March 2018 https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/program/the-plague-contemporary-art-through-social-and-political-uncertainty/#date0

Key Recent Publications


Williams, J., Langley, S., and Borda, A. ‘Virtual Nature: Inner Forest’. Peer reviewed extended abstract, paper presentation and artwork demonstration. Published online in Spatialised Audio and Performance online session proceedings, Australasian Computer Music Conference, 3-10 July 2020. https://acmc2020.com/poster_103.html.


Williams, J.L. Anti-hotel: A Folly in Five Tropes. Commissioned article for Art + Australia: Issue Six (56.1): Outside. December 2019 http://www.artandaustralia.com/online


Williams, J. L. ‘ An utterance of sugar and plastics.’ Commissioned article in conjunction with RIFTS: Particulate Matter, co-curated by Kat Kohler & Dr. Rachel Marsden, Testing Grounds, Melbourne, 4–14 July 2018. First published by Art+ Australia Online, September 2018.  Commissioned by Dr. Rachel Marsden of ACP Projects & Art+Australia Online.  Link

Williams, J. L. An interference: red and blue.’ Commissioned article in conjunction with Youjia Lu, Super(im)position (2018),  12th May- 2nd June 2018. Published by Kings Artist-Run Gallery. Commissioned by the artist. Download PDF


Williams, J. ‘Apocope in the Suture Zone.’ Commissioned article for Art + Australia: Issue Two (54.1): The Plague  http://www.artandaustralia.com/online

Williams, Jessica, and Mathew Berg. ‘The World’s Best Wildlife Photography Reveals a Fragile, Beautiful Realm’. The Conversation. Accessed 24 January 2017. http://theconversation.com/the-worlds-best-wildlife-photography-reveals-a-fragile-beautiful-realm-71329


Alsop, R., Borda, A., Williams, J. (2016, December). Sound Shadow and Light: Generating the experience of a natural environment. In Proceedings of GA2016 , the 19th Generative Art Conference. Presented at GA2016 , the 19th Generative Art Conference, Florence, Italy, 15, 16, 17 December 2016 https://minerva-access.unimelb.edu.au/handle/11343/123346

Williams, J. ‘Reshaping Spectatorship, Clearing the Cloud: Theory, Meet Artist.’ Furtherfield.org, November 15, 2016. Link


Mid 2016- Current:  Part time PhD Candidate at The Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, Melbourne. Thesis Topic: Posthuman methodologies in art and art research with supervisors Dr. Danny Butt; A/Prof. Kate Daw


Completed Honours Degree in Fine Arts (Visual Arts, H1) The Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, Melbourne


Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Monash University, Melbourne


Fine Art Semester in Prato, Italy Monash University, Prato


Completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours (H1)  Monash University, Melbourne