This site serves as a folio for Jess’ creative, written and research engagements. It also provides a blog platform for the informal ephemera that arise alongside these praxis. On Logos:  λόγος

Jessica Laraine Williams is a transdisciplinary researcher, visual artist, practicing physiotherapist and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne.

Jess holds first class Honours degrees in both the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Monash University) and the Bachelor of Fine Art (The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne). As a senior physiotherapist, Jess been working for over a decade in her physiotherapist profession, including hospital, rehabilitation and management roles. Jess is undertaking her doctoral research on situating the posthuman through transdisciplinary work with art. Her research is focused on applied transdisciplinary projects that bridge art and beyond, such as virtual reality nature art towards wellbeing and creative data visualisation in arts education. Jess’ parallel art practice relates to interests in performative identity, collective cartography and institutional critique.

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