glitch.mirror (2020) development

Working with aesthetics of excess and multiplicity presented online, Chelsea Coon and Jessica Laraine Williams conceived of digital performance glitch.mirror (2020) in attempts to grasp the separated unknowns of the moment, despite which there persists the human desire to connect and make meaning. 

glitch.mirror (2020) is available for viewing online .

Early concept sketches and discussion for glitch.mirror (2020). In between two lockdowns, Chelsea Coon and I had binged the entire season of Tiger King in one sitting. I awoke at 3am alone on the couch, covered in the detritus of late snacking, marveling at the thing we had just witnessed. We began the artistic collaboration a week or so later, with a particular confluence of aesthetic cues in mind.

Chelsea Coon and Jessica Laraine Williams, glitch.mirror (2020), Digital performance (still with post-production). Colour. Sound. Courtesy of the artists.