In alignment with care

In preparation for an upcoming group exhibition, On Kindness and Care (2020), I dipped into the practice archives for a satellite reference that informs my contribution. I also think of Elena Gomez, co-editor of Un Magazine’s issue 14.1, commenting on the COVID-19 turbulence and recollections in care. “What can we learn from observing the artistic practices and communities that emerged in other countries in Asia during moments of crisis or upheaval?”

Jessica Laraine Williams. Edited scenes from Inherited Conflicts (2013) made in collaboration with Jacqueline Stojanović, video, 00:06:40.

Inherited Conflicts was a short collaborative video intent on navigating culturally pervasive dialogues of war that are transmitted across generations. Although often reiterated through spoken and written exchanges, the residue of these lived experiences persists in the collective identity of nations, unable to be absolved. As two descendants of such conflict in Serbia and Vietnam, Stojanović and Williams were collaborators both in the making of this work and in the inheritance of their forebears. Set in an innocuous and unspecified interior zone, a ritual of exchanges was orchestrated between two artists. The remembrance of broadly documented brutality was made tactile and personal through the motif of photographs immersed in liquid, an act of failed ablution left embodied on the skin. These edited scenes focus on Williams’ performance only, presenting an artistic lineage which anchors her work White, Passing (2020) for the Kindness and Care exhibition, hosted by the CoVA Feminism and Intersectionality research group in association with Assembly Point, Creative Spaces in late July 2020.